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Close-up young rats (Rattus norvegicus)

Rodents are pests in their own category. They are not insects but warm blooded mammals that cause harm to homes and people. They have front teeth in which they use to gnaw. They are known for destroying items in and around the home including wiring, furniture, and even vehicle parts. Mice and rats can carry a plethora of diseases and can do significant damage to your surroundings. Some of the most common rodents are roof rats, Norway rats, house mice, and deer mice.

Rodents in the home can quickly become an unwanted nuisance and major health risk. As rodents enter the home foraging for food and shelter, they may scurry across objects and can contaminate and spread disease. Luckily we can help! We offer rodent services for both rats and mice. Here at 20/20 Pest Control we understand that no rodent job is the same as the last, and that mice and rats can be very intricate. We take our time with our inspections so that we can fully understand the what, where, and how at your home, and offer a professional baiting and trapping service with satisfactory results.



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