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Here in the desert we live among 3 main types of scorpions. These include the bark scorpion, desert hairy, and stripe tail scorpion. All three are venomous and inject their victims through a painful sting. The venom travels straight from the scorpion's telson (stinger) directly into the unsuspecting prey which consists of mainly spiders and other insects. However, when scorpions invade our property and home, we and our loved ones can easily fall victim to a scorpions painful defense mechanism. 

Here in Arizona there are many different species of spiders. Some of the most common species in which come into contact with humans include cellar spiders, common house spiders, tarantulas, black widows, and wolf spiders. While certain species of spiders may be more harmful than others, all spiders have the potential to be unwanted visitors and is why we at 20/20 Pest Control make spiders a priority within our general scope of service.  



Banded house crickets,  Gryllodes sigill


Red imported fire ant,Action of fire ant

Crickets around the home can quickly become an annoyance with their loud chirping and physical presence. However, they are much more than just an annoyance. They are also a major food source for many other pests including scorpions. In order to keep pests away their food source needs to be eliminated. Here at 20/20 Pest Control we understand the importance of minimizing cricket activity. Crickets can be controlled with our ongoing general pest control service. 


Earwigs | Female on the right , male on

Earwigs are small insects that can be easily identified by their long slender bodies and back end pincers or forceps. Earwigs can pinch if provoked but are not poisonous. Earwigs are attracted to moisture and can often be found inside dark damp areas. These pests can quickly become a nuisance when they make themselves an unwanted visitor inside your home. Luckily, earwigs are controlled through our general pest control service. 


There are over 200 species of ants in Arizona alone and is why they are one of the most common pests found on our property. Common ant species that may often be seen include argentine ants, crazy ants, fire ants, and odorous house ants. Ants can be a bother when trying to enjoy the outdoors and when they enter the home. To keep ants away it is essential to have an ongoing pest control service year round. Keeping a constant barrier up can help protect your home from these unwanted visitors. 

American Roaches

Many cockroaches on the white background

American cockroaches are common large roaches that are attracted to moisture. They are typically found in irrigation boxes, expansion joints of the home, flower beds, and under rocks. However, occasionally they will make their way inside of your home and invade your living space. Unlike German roaches, American cockroaches are considered occasional invaders and are included in the general pest control service. This is because they live and breed on the outside of the home and mainly enter to forage for food and for shelter. 

Other Occasional 


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General Pest Control Service

Our general pest control service is our most popular. Mostly offered on an every other month basis, the service can give you peace of mind knowing a wide range of pests are included in one service price. The service goal is to prevent pests from infesting and keep your home pest free by applying a barrier around your home on a consistent basis. This is an outside service that helps prevent general and seasonal pests. The inside of the home can also be treated at time of service at no extra charge if activity is found inside. We also offer complimentary adjustment spot treatment services if live pest activity is found anywhere on the property 7 or more days after service. Please call or text for a free inspection and quote.



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