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Bed bugs are small insects that reproduce rapidly, require our blood in order to survive and reproduce, and can live up to 400 days without a blood meal. While bed bugs do bite in order to feed, you typically cannot feel a bed bug bite, but in many cases, it can leave behind an itchy red bump. Signs that you may have bed bugs include dark fecal stains in problem areas, bed bug skin casings, or the actual bed bugs themselves. However, the best way to determine if you have bed bugs is with a professional inspection by a licensed pest control technician. Bed bugs can quickly become a real burden and put stress on the entire household. That’s where we come in. Call us today to schedule a free bed bug inspection


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During the inspection, a complete and thorough search of the home will be conducted including an examination of the mattress and box spring to look for activity and signs of bed bug presence. If bed bugs are identified in your home during the inspection, a service can then be scheduled. Bed bugs, along with other hitchhiker bugs, are not included in the general pest control service and pricing will be discussed upon inspection.


How does the service work? You will receive a prep sheet on what needs to be done prior to the service. Once preparations have been completed, we will then come in once a week for 4 weeks and treat accordingly. We guarantee to get rid of the current issue and all of our bed bug services come with an extended 30-day guarantee. We are always ready to take care of your bed bug issues.

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